Monday, October 4th, 2021

I was born in Colorado Springs. Up to the age nine my family moved with my father’s work. He was an electrical engineer working for a company that was involved in the wiring of the missile silos. We moved almost yearly living in mostly western states. One year my family moved four times including a stint
in Australia for five months where I attended fourth grade. Thankfully my family moved to California and settled down. After graduating from college I landed a job as a Montessori assistant then I got my Montessori training as a Montessori teacher.

I have been a Montessori convert ever since. My son who is now grown attended Montessori school as a toddler through 2nd grade. When my preschool Montessori school closed in 2015 I joined the Growing Light school. My Montessori training includes preschool and elementary training. My interests
include listening to audio books, cooking, gardening, sewing and jewelry making. And I am the proud owner of three cats.