Monday, March 28th, 2022

My name is Dawn and I am thrilled to return to this stunningly beautiful area of our country to work with you and your child over the coming months. I am returning here from Austin, Texas, having moved there 6 years ago to be closer to my own birth family. Prior to that, I lived in the East Bay and Bay Area since the mid-1990s, working as a lead teacher for 20+ years with ages 4-9 in California Montessori schools in Woodland, Hayward, Whittier and working with Growing Light sites in Berkeley, Oakland and now, Moraga. What I have loved about Montessori since I began my teaching journey is the light of possibility within each child and how it is held with love and honor in the joy of discovery. I love being able to find out who children are, what they love, how they learn and help guide each one to their own next level of learning. I enjoy helping facilitate the connection between the students and their learning, their classmates and their environment. I’m excited to be reconnecting with children in person after a year and a half of remote teaching and learning. My lifelong passion for integrating the arts into all areas of learning has been reignited!