Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

Hello my name is Ms. Deb. I am your afternoon lead teacher. I’m excited to be working at Growing Light Oakland campus this year. I am blessed to be able to work with such knowledgeable and caring ladies Rebecca and Feliz you are awesome! I have many years of experience teaching. I have worked in the private and public sectors of education. My degree consist of M.A.E.D., B.A. Early Childhood Education, and B.A. in Sociology.

I am a Native of California, but have lived in Oregon and Idaho. I can speak English, a bit of Mandarin and Spanish. I was born in Merced, but currently reside in Manteca, CA.

When I am not busy being a teacher, you can find me hiking, traveling up and down California finding great and new places to explore. For example, beaches, trying new foods, BBQing and enjoying the beauty of our nature the world has to offer.