Monday, September 13th, 2021

Gigi worked with Growing Light when our campus opened and decided last year to get her Master’s degree and teaching credential so that she can teach elementary school french! She subs with us on Friday’s. Ghizal “Gigi” was born in the very beautiful city of Kabul, Afghanistan. At a very early age, she immigrated with her family to yet another marvelous city, Paris, France where she grew up and graduated from high school. Gigi then went to college and started an internship in the Afghan Consulate in the magnificent city of New York, US. She got married in California and raised two amazing children who are now 21 and 16. In 2016 she picked up life where she had left it 17 years prior, and went back to school in 2016 earning a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Multiple Subject Teaching from CSU East Bay in 2021 and applied for the Master’s Program in Early Childhood Development at the same University.

Gigi considers herself a citizen of the world. She is fluent in three languages and  her experience with so many different cultures has shaped her into a very open-minded and receptive person. Gigi loves to cook, bake, read Rumi poetry, walk and collect vintage jewelry.