Developing the mind, heart and community.

At Growing Light, we create an environment that supports the natural curiosity and creativity of each child, while encouraging in their love of learning. The elementary classroom curriculum is tailored to the needs and interests of the individual child and emphasis is given to the development of the academic, social, and emotional and physical skills that will prepare them for a meaningful and productive life.

Benefits of the unique Growing Light Montessori classroom include:

  • Focus on the development of the whole child in a safe, supportive, and respectful environment.
  • Strong academics within an integrated curriculum with Spanish daily
  • Developmentally appropriate, multi-aged classroom from kindergarten through 3rd grade.
  • A non-competitive environment where each child is encouraged to do his/her personal best.
  • Enrichment programs in PE, music and the arts.
  • Teaching students responsibility, by having them manage the classroom, plan activities, care for the environment and one another.
  • Support for the development of the intellect, with meaningful explorations of the diverse topics such as mythology, astronomy, botany, world cultures, origins of language, history, and physics.

Growing Light is a place where your child can truly be seen for who they are. Our focus is to create an environment in which each child discovers his/her unique and natural gifts. We believe a child flourishes when the school, parents, and community come together with these intentions, while creating a place where the children can thrive.

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