Elementary Class Notes

Home Work

Starting in first grade, homework is assigned weekly. The goals are to cultivate good homework habits, establish a nightly reading routine, and reinforce basic skills. This year, homework is assigned on Mondays, and due the following Monday.

Music, Art and Drama

We strive to integrate the arts into your daily routine. We enjoy singing together. Rebecca is teaching the second-years-and-up the soprano recorder, including reading music and playing duets. We also feature a different artist or style of art each month.


Along with our gymnastics classes, Dawn and Rebecca lead the group in organized games and fun skill-building activities in the gym or on the field. We do quite a bit of folk dancing as well.

Field Trips

We love to go into the community for trips, at least once a month. Favorite desitnations are museums, playgrounds, Cal Performances, the library, and nature walks with naturalists. We rely on parents to drive and chaperone. We hope every parent can join us for a trip or two this year.

Class Pets and Friday Fundraisers

The Wizards Class would like to invite you to stop by our fundraising table. We will be selling coffee, tea, and bagels in the lobby. All the proceeds go to the cost of caring for our classroom animals. We have been doing this Friday at 3:00 PM, but we missed a lot of preschool families, so we hope to see you! So far, we have made $120 and will be setting up a new animal habitat soon (amphibian or turtle).

Having a variety of animals in our daily lives is a wonderful part of our classroom community. Our class pets are loved and well cared for. We have a beautiful freshwater tropical fish tank, with about 30 fish and lots of live plants. We also have an affectionate, cute pet rat, Fizgig, and a gorgeous ball python named Pretzel. We do weekly fundraisers, selling treats to the school community to raise the money needed to keep our pets happy and well-house and fed.