Bumblebees: April Fun 2018

Monday, April 30th, 2018
Category: Bumblebee Classroom, Lafayette Campus

April began with Spring Break Camp at school with Alyssa and Lupita!


We also welcomed a new student into Bumblebee Classroom.  Her name is Leanne and she will be turning three in June.

We celebrated Scarlett’s 4th Birthday this month:

We also welcomed Jake’s Mom into the classroom to do a fun art project making pinwheels and art with magic rainbow scratch paper!  Thank you Michelle and Jake for the fun projects!

We joined Ladybug classroom and had a presentation from Kiele’s parents this month about Fire Safety and demonstrating Drop, Cover (your face) and Roll.  Kiki’s Dad showed us how a firefighter has to put on their gear and we counted the seconds while he QUICKLY put it all on. It was a little scary seeing him in his mask but we learned that the firefighters need this for protection and we shouldn’t be afraid if we see them like this…they are still the same firefighter underneath it all — it was still Kiki’s Dad!  We made firefighter hats and learned how to Drop, Cover and Roll from Kiki’s Mom.  Thank you Kiki, April and Doug!


We are studying Australia and Parts of the Flower this month and had new works for both.  We made flags and maps of Australia, learned the animals of Australia (kangaroo, koala, kookabura, sugar glider, dingo, wombat, platypus, emu, echidna and bilby) and made aboriginal inspired kangaroo art.  We learned about the landforms island and archepelago.  We did flower arranging work and Parts of the Flower.


Our favorite photos:

Washing clothes and hanging to dry is one of our favorite outside works:


One day we marveled at all the hail that was falling on the playground!

Thanks for sharing the happenings in our classroom!