Our goal is to help your child feel good about himself/herself so they can have the confidence it takes to get along well with others.

We believe that when we feel good about ourselves, we feel good about others and the world around us. By fostering a sense of emotional well-being in our children, they learn that feelings are to be looked at and acknowledged. Therefore, much of our psychological emphasis is placed on the communication process of expressing feelings, listening to others, following through on agreements, and resolving conflicts. We also work to create a sense of belonging within each child by nurturing self-esteem through emphasis on the child’s interests, abilities, and natural talents.

Initially, our work begins with the environment. We present a welcoming and comfortable setting. Providing a sense of security and stability is critical to the child who is just beginning to explore the world outside their home. Once they have this reassurance, we encourage them to explore, work, and play with the materials we provide and to interact with the other children.

Our next step is to present beautiful and creative materials that stimulate exploration, develop intellectual curiosity, and enhance your child’s unique and special interests. Our classrooms are set up to promote your child’s success. We believe that it is through free choice that children learn to take responsibility for following their inner direction.

Growing Light Montessori School is based on a loving foundation for all students, staff, families, and community. We honor each person and celebrate the universal gift of life. All families are welcome to participate in the education we provide by presenting their heritage, lifestyles, beliefs, experiences, and rituals. By honoring the beauty in all, we may grow and celebrate together. Our staff includes teachers from: Native American descent, Korea, Thailand, Brazil, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and Iceland. We are a diverse staff that includes mixed families, gay and lesbian, married, and single.

We have open minds and open hearts with wonderful intentions for all.