Bumblebees: February 2018

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018
Category: Bumblebee Classroom, Lafayette Campus

February is a short but full month!  Lots of celebrations and happenings!  

This month we welcomed Mikayla to our classroom!  Please join us in welcoming her and her family to our school.  Mikayla is four years old and comes to us from a Montessori school in Berkeley.  

We also celebrated three birthdays!  The first was Naomi turning 3:

Next was Miles turning 5:

And finally Angelina turning 5:

We have been growing into our Caterpillar classroom with small group lessons in all our curriculum areas including Spanish.  We will continue using the classroom in March and in April will migrate our first Caterpillars and have more circle times and lessons.

A lesson in Parts of the Fish                   Talking about Africa

We celebrated our 100th day of school by ceremoniously changing the number of days in school to 100 and counting lots of things…100 pennies, 100 pom-poms, stringing 100 beads and more:

We made Groundhog Day crafts and learned that there will be six more weeks of Winter 🙁

Valentine’s Day was a wonderful time to deliver our Valentines to our friends as we decorated our bags the day prior:

Sharing is our favorite event on Wednesdays!  Children have an opportunity to share a page from a favorite book, something from nature or something they made, or they can talk about something.  Children stand up in circle, say their name and show/tell their sharing and then take questions/comments!

Continuing our Botany studies, we are learning about stems, from small flowers to LARGE bamboo:

Photos from After-school:

Painting Projects in After-school:

Outside Time Fun:

Classroom Moments:

Doing the Moveable Alphabet and making words, practicing our reading with Rhyming, Sound-Letter Correspondence, Magic “E” and blending sounds:

Doing an Art Project with the Ladybugs…tracing their bodies:


We heard the story of the Chinese Zodiac animals and learned which animal we were born under (rabbit, dragon, goats, snakes & horses!):

We had our first Earthquake Safety Practice this month!  Children learned to Drop, Cover and Hold and quietly found a table to go safely under until they heard us say, “All Clear”:


Next month we begin our study of Europe, talk about Spring holidays and learn all about the Frog!

Thanks for sharing our classroom happenings!