Ladybugs: April Fun 2018

Friday, April 13th, 2018
Category: Ladybug Classroom, Lafayette Campus

Welcome Spring!!!! We hope everyone had a great Spring Break and enjoyed the time off.  This month we studied all things Bugs.  The children enjoyed learning the different bugs that fly and the ones that crawl, the ones with six legs and the ones with four or eight. They also learned the parts and lifecycle of the ladybug and the butterfly.

This month we had Kiele’s Dad (from Bumblebee Classroom), who is a firefighter, visit us and talk to us about how to be safe around fires and what to do if our clothing was on fire which would be to Stop, Drop and Roll.  He dressed up in his firefighter outfit to show us that he is the same person under the mask and clothing and for us not to be scared.

We also have been moving our Yoga classes outdoors on nice days and the children are enjoying the meditation part where they  close their eyes and listen for the animals around them.

Next month we will move into our unit on Flowers and Plants.  We will be learning the different parts of the flower, tree, leaf and plant. We will also be starting our garden by planting different types of flowers and learning about all different types of seeds.

Please remember to check your child’s extra clothing to make sure they have 2 sets of clothing in case of accidents or if they get wet from playing in the water.  We will be in the dirt a lot this month and with the warmer weather we will be playing in water.

Yoga fun outdoors and learning to meditate and working on our different poses.





































Lucy’s Birthday








Working on sounds, Color matching, Puzzles and Life Cycle of a Butterfly:











Watching the deer eat the leaves from the trees.