Bumblebees: March 2018

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018
Category: Bumblebee Classroom, Lafayette Campus

Birthday celebrations in early March:

First was Eliza’s 3rd:


Then Jake turned 4:


We also had Naomi and her Mom, Nancy, come in and talk about Chinese New Year and showed us how to make Red Lanterns.  Naomi handed out red envelopes to all the children:

Jake and his Mom, Michelle, came in and made tissue paper flowers with us in Afterschool too!

And the highlight of the month was having our families come to see our Art Gallery:

Kayla works on her self-portrait

Camila works on painting her clay bowl 


We started our study of Frogs in March and learned about different types and Parts of the Frog.  We also had a visit from Lila’s tadpole!


In After-school we built and experienced an exciting volcano eruption!


Yoga and Mindfulness in the classroom…



We made Spring Baskets and decorated “Eggs” with a cool machine that Simone brought in…she demostrated in circle time and in Ladybug classroom.  A special thank you to Simone and her family for donating the Eggs and Coloring Machine:


Many families ask, “What is ‘Sound work’?” Children learn to identify the name of the letter “a” with the sound it makes, /a/ as in “apple”.  Children work in groups, sing songs, play games such as “I Spy” and then work on writing the letter in a sand tray and on paper:


Some classroom moments:

Fine Motor & Scissors activities:

Working (and eating!) with Friends:



Thank you for sharing the happenings in our classroom!