Color Tablets

Color Tablets are a Montessori material used in preschool classrooms to develop visual discrimination skills, color recognition, and vocabulary related to colors. They consist of a set of wooden or plastic tablets in various colors.

Color Tablets come in a set of at least eight colors, typically presented in a specific order based on chromatic progression. Each tablet is a solid, uniform color and is presented in a square or rectangular shape. Students are invited to match and sort the Color Tablets based on their color. They learn to observe the variations in hue, intensity, and saturation, and develop the ability to differentiate between subtle differences in shades and tones

By exploring the Color Tablets, children develop a deep understanding of different colors and their names. They learn to associate specific names with corresponding colors and expand their vocabulary related to colors. The material is usually presented on a tray or a shelf, and students are encouraged to work with the tablets independently. Teachers demonstrate the activity, emphasizing the importance of careful observation and accurate color matching.

Color Tablets provide a hands-on and visually engaging activity that supports the refinement of visual discrimination skills, color recognition, and language development related to colors.