Moveable Alphabet

The Montessori Movable Alphabet is an exciting activity that introduces children to the world of language and literacy. This hands-on material consists of a set of wooden or plastic letters in both uppercase and lowercase, allowing children to explore the building blocks of words.

While interacting with the materials in a Movable Alphabet children have the freedom to create their own words and sentences. They select letters from a tray and use them to form words, arranging the letters in a left-to-right direction just like reading and writing. This activity encourages phonetic exploration, letter recognition, and the understanding of word formation.

Movable Alphabets help children gain a deep understanding of the relationship between sounds and letters, as they select the appropriate letters to represent the phonetic sounds they hear in words. It fosters creativity and self-expression as children experiment with language and construct their own written compositions. Engaging with Movable alphabets serves as a powerful tool for language development, allowing children to bridge the gap between spoken language and written expression.